“The Voice of the People”, for those who didn’t take high school Latin (which was required at my public High School, New Trier East, in Winnetka, Illinois. Sad that education standards have slipped so far).

Anyway…. In this column, I asked my 850+ subscribers a simple question: Are you willing to pay $10 a month to receive my daily market/options commentary. I got back in total only 29 replies. Of those, only 4 said that yes, I’d pay $10 a month to read your market and options commentary and education. So…. that is that.

I will stop writing The Liss Report as of October first. I will leave the site up as an educational resource but I will write no further columns after September 30th.

I truly hate this idea that all content should be free regardless of the effort put in to writing it. I will continue my online personal options education for all who are interested. If you are in the Chicago area I will come to your home or office. For those not, I use gotomeeting.com. While not perfect, it is an effective online tool.

As this is my nearly last column I truly feel free to say what I think. I will be devoting every spare second this fall working for Democratic candidates in the House and Senate. I loathe and despise Donald (Russian Puppet) Trump with every fiber of my being. He is an existential threat to Democracy in this country. He is a patholgical liar and utterly incompetent to hold the highest office in the land. We desperately need a Democratic Congress to provide the necessary checks and balances before it is too late.

OK… so that is that. It’s been an interesting 5 years writing The Liss Report. I am sorry that virtually nobody finds this content worth a paltry $10 a month, but so be it.

I wish you all, Dear Readers, only the best of Health, Happiness and Prosperity for you and yours.