Here are some links that I hope you find helpful:


The Iron Butterfly explained for Futures Magazine

The Options Strangle

An excellent financial site where I am also a contributor can be found here

Another market information site I like quite a bit is this one

Here is a handy tool: The CBOE Options Calculator

A very cool film about the Chicago trading floor back in the day in all its glory.

I belong to an industry trade group, The Options Alliance. To see what we are click here To see why we are click here And if you are in the Chicago area and want to know why to join click here

For my Dutch readers I would like to link to an incredibly good professional asset manager. Wise, prudent and well versed in options.

Click here

An excellent video for brokers and investors as to why options should be part of every investment portfolio can be viewed here

For those curious about my presentational style and skills here is a piece on Oracle options I did a few months ago on Bloomberg TV:


Some Webinars I’ve done for The Options Tribe

I recently did a guest spot on The Options Radio Network

And here is another guest star apperance

Here is a piece I did for

Here is a piece I did on the Iron Butterfly Strategy for Traders Exclusive and here is another piece I did on cash covered puts
And here is one on calls as upside insurance