Hello! Let me say that I am happy to be here, beginning this new enterprise. I am here to educate you on all things financial with a strong emphasis on options, their theory and working method. If I happen to entertain or outrage you along the way, well then that’s just cherries on the parfait.

I must say right from the beginning that I am neither advising nor recommending any investment or trade whatsoever. My purpose is simply to be a valuable educational resource. I haven’t the faintest idea if the market or any particular stock or commodity will go up, down or sideways. My crystal ball is entirely opaque so if you want directional advice then this is not the site for you.

What I do offer, though, is the experience and acquired wisdom of more than 30 years in the exchange traded option markets. I hope to teach you about options. What they are, how to use them and, in short, to help you translate *your* view into a well defined and favorable risk vs reward option strategy.

All of the above is simply an expansion of this site’s mission statement:demystifying the options market and making the seemingly complex understandable.