Sell in May?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:17 It’s the same with the stock market. Market seasons do exist, it’s not just superstition. January tends to be higher as new money gets put to use. And when January isn’t...

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Back to Step One. What is an Option?

Long time readers of my column may wish to skip today’s entry because I won’t be telling you anything you don’t know already. But, for anyone completely brand new to this I am going to the most bedrock basics. What is an option? There are two sorts of options: A Call...

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Measured Move Targets

A very useful tool for determing what the market as a whole thinks the trading range until expiration of an underlying value will be is the At The Money (ATM) straddle. The ATM straddle is a combination of the put and call with the same strike price that is closest to...

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Greetings From the Iberian Peninsula

Sorry for the absence. I hope you all had a profitable and happy first quarter. After spending three months at Durham University in the northeast of England we are now in Valencia, Spain after spending 9 days biking in Portugal. Rather than talk about options today I...

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OK, Now What!?

Well, don’t panic, for starters. Besides, if you have been paying attention to this column over the years you have downside puts as protection. But, let’s say you don’t and seeing your stock portfolio in meltdown is freaking you out. Perhaps you could take advantage...

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Currency Options

With the dollar in freefall (thank you, Donald Trump), I thought I'd talk about options on currencies. Just as there are options on stocks and indices there are options on currencies. As everyone knows, currencies fluctuate, often wildly (as now). And options are a...

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Market Commentary

Sometimes social/political stuff thrown in for good measure