My Penultimate Column

As I have said in two previous columns, because nobody seems to be willing to pay a paltry $10 a month for a daily column from yours truly, I will no longer contribute original content as of October 1st, 2018. My website will stay here as an educational resource and...

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Not Many Columns Left

As I begin to, sadly, wind down The Liss Report I thought I'd leave my readers with a final few gems of wisdom There are a lot of stock market sayings, some of them quite cliché. But clichés often are just that because they are true. Here are a few of my favorites:...

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Vox Populi

"The Voice of the People", for those who didn't take high school Latin (which was required at my public High School, New Trier East, in Winnetka, Illinois. Sad that education standards have slipped so far). Anyway.... In this column, I asked my 850+ subscribers a...

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Double Diagonal

Today I want to talk about a variation of the diagonal time spread, the double diagonal: Buy a farther dated (+/- 60 days until expiration) out of the money (OTM) put, strike A. Sell a near term (+/- 30 days) OTM put, strike B. Buy a far term OTM call, strike D and...

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True Voyage is Return

After seven months in Europe (UK, Portugal, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands) we return to Hometown Chicago this weekend. To quote one of my favourite bands, The Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been". This means that I wil be teaching again in the Central...

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What is Synthetic Stock?

(This is an excerpt from my book, There is Always an Option, so the prices are not current) I just want to say one word to you, just one word, synthetics Obviously this is play on the famous quote from that fine old movie, The Graduate. The actual word Benjamin is...

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Market Commentary

Sometimes social/political stuff thrown in for good measure