Dear Readers,

The Liss Report is now 5 years old and (hopefully) still counting. I have tried to the best of my ability to provide primarily knowledge of exchange traded options but also received wisdom on the market in general. Yes, there are times I have interjected my own personal worldview on politics and the state of the world in general. I have also shared my experiences traveling the world. Hopefully, for both your edification and entertainment.

We have now come to a crossroads. I can no longer provide this content for free. More importantly, I do not want to. I hate the very notion that all serious content should be free. A great deal of thought goes into this column. I hope that my readers benefit from my 40+ years in the securities and derivative industry. Particularly, my teachings on the theory and working method of exchange traded options.

Therefore, I ask all of you a very serious question. Are you willing to pay $10 a month to continue to receive The Liss Report? For the first few years I wrote every business day. Lately, with all my travels I have posted a column every week. Subscribers will receive a new daily column every day that the market is open. Yes, I will go back to writing every day. Moreover, I will be available to answer any market or derivative questions that you may ask.

OK. here it is. Are you willing to pay $10 a month? Please respond by either posting a comment or emailing me at

if I do not have a sufficient amount of subscribers then The Liss Report will cease to be on October 1st, 2018.

Regardless of how all this turns out, it has been my honor, pleasure and privilege to have been your host.