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Randall Liss is a long-time, seasoned veteran of the exchange-traded options industry. Mr Liss helped found the European Options Exchange in Amsterdam, an elected member of the Board of Directors, a long-time member of the Business Conduct Committee and a co-founder of The Market-Makers Association. He ran a market-making operation for a large Dutch bank and also managed his own market-making firm. Since 2006 Mr Liss has devoted his energy to educating and mentoring traders, investment clubs, individuals and institutions using his own proprietary curriculum, The Theory and Working Method of Trading Options. Randall has lectured in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York and Chicago on a variety of investment and derivative strategies. He is also an on-camera options analyst for Bloomberg TV and the Business News Network. In 2008 Mr Liss returned to the town of his birth, Chicago. His clients include ABN AMRO Options Clearing, optionsXpress, Columbia College, The Chicago Institute of Investment, The Options Tribe and many private individuals and investment clubs. Mr Liss strongly believes in demystifying the options market and making the seemingly complex understandable.

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Greetings From the Netherlands

After the UK, Spain and Italy we now find ourselves back in the Netherlands, where I spent 28 happy years. We are here for a full 10 weeks before returning to Chicago after 7 months in Europe. 40 years ago the European Options Exchange (EOE) was founded and I had a...

Self Knowledge is a Vital Trading Tool

On this Italian Monday morning I thought I might  share a few thoughts about understanding one’s self as a trader or investor. That old axiom, Know Thyself, is vital for anyone who hopes to succeed as a trader. Firstly, one must conquer those twin enemies of every...

Sell in May?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:17 It’s the same with the stock market. Market seasons do exist, it’s not just superstition. January tends to be higher as new money gets put to use. And when January isn’t...

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